(From 24 Months)

Toddlers are busy two-year-olds who are encouraged to explore and learn through interaction. There are fun things to watch, do and touch. Our toddler's teachers listen and talk with each child and try to adjust to each child's individual needs. Since children learn through playing and self-exploration, we provide a wide variety of activities. Our teachers create fun age-appropriate lessons each week, following our HighReach Learning curriculum. This includes music, movement, language, art, sensory, gross and fine motor, dramatic play and self help skills.


Teamwork and consistency is a key when potty-training our toddlers. We will help by coordinating your ways with our daily programs when you decide your child is ready (most children begin at approximately 2 years of age). When you decide, we ask that you supply at least two complete changes of clothing (socks also),. enough disposable diapers/pull-ups and/or underwear with plastic pants for your child each day your child attends our facility. Our goal is to work with you (the parent), and the child so we are consistent.

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